39 Peers

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Welcome to 39 Peers!

What is the 39 Peers project?

The 39 Peers project aims to create an open source repository of light weight implementations of real-time communication (RTC) protocols. In a nutshell, it contains reference implementations, prototypes and sample applications, mostly written in Python, of various RTC standards defined in IETF, W3C and elsewhere, e.g., RFC 3261 (SIP), RFC 3550 (RTP), RFC 3920 (XMPP), WebRTC, RTMP, etc. This is a Free Software released under GNU LGPL license. Contact our business unit for an alternate commercial license if you like.


Why Python?

Python encourages developers' efficiency because of very compact, concise (and beautiful!) software that one can write. Based on my experience the number of lines-of-code is 5 to 30 times less than the corresponding code in Java or C/C++.


Where is the old content?

The old content of this website was specific to one project namely, the peer-to-peer internet telephony using the Session Initiation Protocol (P2P-SIP) and has been moved to its project page at https://github.com/theintencity/p2p-sip. At the same time, this website that you are viewing has been renovated to expand the scope to a much larger set of real-time systems and protocols including SIP, SDP, RTP, XMPP, WebSocket, WebRTC, RTMP, and so on.


Where is the software?

The software source code is hosted on github at https://github.com/theintencity/rtclite. The initial version of the code is migrated after cleanup and refactoring from my other Python-based projects namely p2p-sip, rtmplite, and restlite, all under github.